Willapa Pizza Co.

Willapa Brewing Co. is a small business that you just cannot ignore. It is tucked away in the small town of South Bend, WA. Willapa Brewing Co. has a 4.8-star rating on Google reviews and a 4.9-star rating on Facebook. Ryan, Kevin, and the McMurry family run the brewery, taproom, and pizzeria together. They created Willapa Brewing Co. hoping to fulfill a passion and help the community create jobs and bring in tourism.

When you stop in at Willapa Brewing remember to swing out to Margaret Olsen Park next door and learn a little bit about the history as well. They have a steam donkey which was the backbone of this small logging town at one point in history. Steam donkeys were used to pull logs to landings sites like how a modern-day yarder works today. Also sitting in the park is an old jail cell, let me tell you this cell has some history to it. History that is remarkably interesting to those history buffs out there.

Willapa Brewing Co. makes its roots known that it belongs to a logging community. Their beers include offerings such as Cork Boot, Cross Cut, Old Growth, and Slash Burn. You can tell all their beers have had a lot of thought put to them, which makes them unique to their origin. They also have some hard ciders, wine, and a Riggin Rootbeer ready to go for those who do not enjoy all the hops.

On the Menu to take the buzz off or quench your appetite is some great pizza for those on team pineapple on pizza grab a Hickory Shirt which is your basic Canadian bacon and pineapple, if you are into all the toppings you can fit on a pizza get the Quit Yer’ Bitchen! Also, for those that do not know South Bend, WA is self-proclaimed as the Oyster Capital of the World. Go grab yourself some oyster shooters or smoked oysters if you want to try out the local specialty!

Go check them out at Willapa Brewing Co. or if you are ever in their little corner of the world swing in for some great beer, tasty food, and amazing conversation.

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