Let me tell you a story!

Updated: Apr 18

How I came about the idea of creating American Small Business Reviews.

American Small Business Reviews is a thought that came to me. When I saw how awful small businesses were being treated throughout 2020. Many forced to close their doors, some for good. I wanted to find a way to help in any way I could get as many of these small businesses back on their feet.

We ate local, we ate take out more than we ever have in our lives. I did my best to shop with small businesses as much as possible. For Christmas presents I purchased my family gifts only from small businesses. Only in places we had traveled in the last couple years. Even then I felt like someone should be doing more to help.

I started looking online to see if there were any small business sites. Sites that are trying to help businesses that strive and give their everything. Those small businesses that take pride in their product or services. The ones who have gone above and beyond to keep going. In my searches there were some out there that highlighted products in a certain category. There were some that highlighted some business types. But nothing to give a prop up to small businesses striving to succeed.

So here I am doing what I can to help support small businesses throughout America get back on their feet and grow. This will not be a place for negative reviews. My site is here to support and give a small business the attention it deserves. We all have our opinions, and some may not have the same experience.

Small businesses that have issues, are not producing a quality product or top tier services will not receive a review from me. My in-depth reviews are for those that go above and beyond. The ones that are deserving of the research and time and effort to learn who they are and what they are about.

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