Kimberly Nurseries Landscape and Irrigation

If you live almost anywhere in southern Idaho you have heard of Kimberly Nurseries Landscape and Irrigation. Kimberly Nurseries is a one-of-a-kind small business that stands out in its field and strives to give its customers the most qualified and highest quality services in the landscape and irrigation field. Kimberly Nurseries Landscape and Irrigation is rated 4-stars on Google Reviews and 5-stars on Facebook.

Kimberly Nurseries Landscape and Irrigation is a National Association of Landscape Professionals Landscape Industry Accredited Company. They achieved this accreditation in 2018 and as of 2021 are one of only 13 companies nationwide with this accreditation. They specialize in pretty much every aspect of the landscape and irrigation field. The best thing about the service you will receive from Kimberly Nurseries is the assurance that the staff and field technicians are well trained. You will not just be getting the guy that learned some irrigation or landscaping from the last guy that was there. There is nothing wrong with that either, but when you are looking for a true professional, you want a team that is constantly learning and perfecting their trade. Kimberly Nurseries goes above and beyond to make sure that their employees are trained and certified to do the work that you are asking of them.

The Nursery was established in 1907 by the Wright family, Dave Wright took over the family business from his dad, he retained the small-town hospitality of the nursery's service and engrained it into the business. Then Dave took the professionalism to a new height making sure that everything the nursery did was to the highest standard and making sure no one in Southern Idaho could match the services and staff that Kimberly Nurseries had to offer. Now that Kimberly Nurseries has new ownership that great service has only gotten better, and they continue on that sense of professionalism and exceptionalism.

I have had most of my experience with their irrigation technicians and let me tell you they are amazing. You do not find many companies that have staff that could completely repair a valve or sprinkler head that is already existing. They can walk you through how to program a sprinkler timer from the 1970s or install a state-of-the-art timer that is a complete system controller that you can "set it and forget it". If you have ever been to the Home and Garden Show in Twin Falls over the years you would know you always get a show at their booth. Year in and year out they have come up with creative new ideas to help improve your yard. More importantly, their commitment to their community is what really sets them apart from others in their field. One of my favorite events they put on is Christmas in the Nighttime Sky to help Toys for Tots. Almost every year they put on a fireworks display that would rival most 4th of July shows. It is such a wonderful show of support for all of the children needing toys for Christmas and their community as a whole.

If you are ever in the market for some great Landscape or Irrigation services, go check out Kimberly Nurseries Landscape and Irrigation. Support a small business that supports its community and more.

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