House of Jack Co.

House of Jack Co. is the quality small business that you look to when you need a great wallet that will last and has custom touches to make it your own. House of Jack Co. has a 5-star rating on Etsy. When you think of a “guy’s guy” kinda wallet look no further than House of Jack Co.

There are a lot of things day to day that I rely on. One of the most important items that absolutely must last, meet my needs, and be of great quality is my wallet. Most of us probably do not realize just how vital that small, holder of random things is to us. I have had many wallets in my life. But it was not until I probably hit my thirties until I really start becoming picky with what I carry in my back pocket. I know there is a new craze of metal cardholders with a money clip or phone wallets. But I have found that a great quality piece of leather with impeccable stitching and well thought over storage is really the only way to go. Let me tell you House of Jack has all the necessary checkmarks to make you want to have wallets for multiple occasions!

I have not had my House of Jack Co. wallet long but with all of the wallets, I have had I can tell this one is going to last a long, long time. I have had two main wallets in the last 10 years, and both were great and worked for what I needed them to do. Later I picked up an inexpensive leather money clip with a cardholder on each side for when I did not need to lug around my big full-sized wallet. Now I am to a point I do not really need to carry around all my certifications and a bunch of cards for work and all of my business cards in one place. Going from fieldwork to office work ninety percent of the time will do that.

Enter House of Jack Co., the different styles of wallets they offer, and the quality of the product they are handcrafting is spectacular. I purchased the Slim Bifold Minimalist Card Wallet with a monogram. (By the way, I completely forgot to add my monogram even though I purchased it and was notified promptly that I had forgotten it and got my shipping notification that night.) House of Jack's communication is absolutely wonderful and courteous. The whole process from start to finish was quick, easy and the finished product did not disappoint.

House of Jack Co. uses the highest quality full-grain, cowhide leather. This means no two wallets will ever be the same due to natural hide having unique characteristics. Each wallet is handcrafted and hand-burnished by artisans so you know you are getting exemplary quality. The finished product when it arrives at your door will blow you away with the attention to detail of not only the product you are getting but the packaging and well-thought-of care is taken to get the product to you.

They brand their wallets as “GRAPHIC, CONVERSATIONAL, INDIVIDUALISTIC, FUNCTIONAL… A CARRY-EVERY-DAY WALLET KINDA LIKE YOUR FAVORITE JEAN JACKET.” So if that sounds like your kind of wallet go check them out here at House of Jack Co.

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