Elkins Resort on Priest Lake

Updated: Apr 22

Elkins Resort on Priest Lake, this wonderful little vacation jewel sits on Priest Lake near Nordman, Idaho. You will find Elkins has an excellent rating on Trip Advisor and a 4.7-star rating on Google Reviews.

This last Thanksgiving, my brother and I got our families together in the snow-covered mountains of northern Idaho. While we were together for Thanksgiving, the reason we were actually there was to hunt northern Idaho whitetail. Now I have hunted all over Western and Southeastern Washington and I did a bit of hunting in Southern Idaho. But… There is something about hunting in such a surreal place as the panhandle of Idaho that just made that hunt a little bit more special. So, for anyone looking for a great place for a vacation in the great outdoors here is a great little small business to look into.

For any foodies out there, that are looking for those “off the beaten path” special places, the restaurant at Elkins Resort is beyond what you would expect for a small-town resort. Everything from Huckleberry Pancakes with their famous huckleberry compote for breakfast, the Elkins Burger with Kobe beef, roasted poblano, American cheese, morel mushrooms, and bacon jam for lunch, and their 30 year favorite The Tomahawk a 32 oz prime bone-in ribeye, and if you can manage it pair it with some Skillet Cornbread black truffle honey-butter and a glass of Elkins Resort Reeder Bay Red and that is a meal you will never forget!

Now the lodging is top-notch. It is not the Hilton as you could expect, but for cabin life, it is pretty amazing. They are cozy little cabins with perfect amenities for what we needed for sleeping arrangements (4 Adults, 2 kids, 1 baby, 3 dogs). Everything we needed to make our Thanksgiving feast pretty spectacular, they even gave us a turkey pan since we let them know we were doing a full turkey dinner there. The staff just made you feel at home and were there for you with anything you needed. The bedrooms were small yet purposeful. The beds were comfortable and clean. They had just enough room to maneuver in, leaving the space for the rest of the cabin. The main room was amazingly cozy with a fireplace and huge window to look out into the great outdoors with a slight view of the lake. It honestly could not have gotten much better for a place to lay your head and spend time with family.

The lodging is a very mixed experience in terms of what you might stay in. They have newer remodeled cabins and older outdated cabins, but if you know what to expect and are upfront with your needs, and know what to expect you will be incredibly happy. I would say that if you are going to be in the cabin a lot and that is your goal then go for the more updated cabins, they will really bring you that cabin in the mountains feeling. If you are the outdoorsman and really not looking for much other than a dry place to hang your hat and get some shut-eye, come dark, then be back out the door bright and early save some cash and grab one of the older cabins. They are still all anyone needs for the mover and shakers.

They have a little store for all the amenities you may have forgotten or needed to pick up on the way. A big dock to park your boat, and one of the greatest lake beaches I have ever seen. Every hundred yards or so they have campfire areas on the beach set up for groups to get together. We are going back in the summer this year and cannot wait to see how the lake is for all of its activities. It was a bit too cold there in late November for a dip.

Being able to get out and walk around the resort grounds during the winter with snow on the ground and the chill in the air with all the Christmas lights up, was very enchanting. My kids took to a snow pile and created an igloo out of it, they were pretty sad when they had to leave their newly built little frigid home away from home. We also brought along our pets and they had a blast. The resort was very pet-friendly, and I would highly recommend this gorgeous slice of heaven to anyone looking for a family travel destination.

Go check them out online at Elkins Resort and if you are ever in the panhandle of Idaho and are looking for an outdoor stay, stop in at Elkins Resort you will not be disappointed!

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