10 Ways to Support Small Business

Anyone who has seen the devastating effects on all our small businesses can help support them and keep them going. Here are 10 ways to help keep your favorite small business going and support keeping their dreams alive.

  1. Shop with them, most have a delivery option or curbside pickup still available. Now that they are opening back up go in, please wear your mask if they are asking you to wear one. It's no different from no shoes, no shirt, no service.

  2. My local restaurants now have a local delivery service working for them to get food to their customers. They are competing directly with big national delivery service providers and their service is excellent in comparison. Use local services they must maintain the best service to stay competitive so if you are ok paying a little more for a lot more in quality service, keep your services local.

  3. Word of mouth is the best advertising a business can get. That means a satisfied customer wants to make sure someone else gets an excellent product or service. Free advertising from a loyal customer is better than any advertising. #spreadtheword

  4. If it is a business that you want to invest in because no one can do what they do. A business that is a must-have and they had to close or reduce hours or limit customers. Keep those subscriptions, memberships, and dues going to that business. It is an investment in the future so you can keep them open, and they are available to you for years to come.

  5. Social Media is a way of life now so share, like, comment, and get involved letting them know you support them.

  6. Reviews obviously will help a small business. Reviews can help a small business or even hurt them. Let us keep the best small businesses in our communities open and thriving with positive reviews!

  7. Many small businesses have a website to shop online. Take advantage of that and give them your business before going to any other large online retailer.

  8. Sign up for their newsletter so you know when your favorite item goes on sale, or a new product is released. Many restaurants have newsletters to let you know they have a special menu item coming up or have a special event going on

  9. If they have branded merchandise, buy it, wear it, and share it! This helps when it comes to supporting. The people that see you wearing it will automatically think you would give them a great review and may ask you or search for the business on their own. This could lead them to support them as well.

  10. Stop in, Call, or Email them and let them know they are doing a fantastic job and to keep up the magnificent work! Many businesses get a lot of complaints and negative comments, few people care to tell them when they are doing an excellent job. Kindness goes a long way to keep those businesses going and providing you with the best services and products possible.

These 10 ways to help support a small business are just a small fraction of what you can do to help your favorite small business. Let us know if you have any other tips and we can add them to a post in the future. Also, if you have any reviews that should be on our site, and you would like us to investigate them let us know and we would be glad to help you support your favorite small business.

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